October 1, 2020 Evelin Hale

Different Paper Formatting Styles Preferred in College

Why Formatting Is Essential

As a college student, there are very many writing assignments that you are required to write. Realize that these tasks will always add up to your grade at the end of the semester. This is why it is essential to craft a perfect paper to get that good grade you are aiming for. It means that you not only need to create a magnificent paper, you also have to conform to all the requirements f your paper.

It is essential to point out that it is never possible for a student to create a paper without utilizing other sources. However, understand that merely including this information directly in your article is never allowed by any institution. No student is permitted to use any third party information illegally. Plagiarism is one of the most significant offenses that a college student can commit. Even though it is never possible to create a top paper top of your head, you need to acknowledge them whenever you use any material from another author. This is where formatting comes in. you need to know how to cite these writers and formatting the paper according to your teachers' specifications. Let us see some of the most popular formatting styles employed by most universities in the United States;

The MLA Formatting Style

When styling your paper in the MLA format, there are some essential things you need to ensure that your article conforms to. Here are the parameters you need to consider when formatting your paper in this style;

It is crucial to ensure that every line in your paper lines at least one inch from your paper's margin.

For every word you write, ensure that you double-space it. This will play a significant role in enhancing the reader’s readability of your text.

Ensure that there is a page header in all of your pages. Understand that every page header must be about one and a half inches from the top of the page. Keep in mind that every page header needs to include the author's name and that it has to be trailed by a page number.

The APA Writing Format

When it comes to the APA format, ensure that your article conforms to the following;

  1. The font has to be time new roman and the font size 12
  2. Make sure to double space al through the body of your writing
  3. All sentences have to be spaced one inch from the margin of every side of the page
  4. Make sure to give every page of your paper a page number at the said page's left corner.

One of the most critical requisites given with regards to college paper writing usually involves the formatting patterns. For every college paper written, a student is required to conduct a lot of research. The most significant part of this research usually involves browsing published documents written by other authors. Therefore, to ensure that you are not flagged for plagiarism, make sure to paraphrase every borrowed text and format your paper accordingly.