October 28, 2020 Evelin Hale

An Impressive Application with a Great Personal Statement

The Relevance of a Personal Statement

You are done with your high school studies and are interested in joining the university of your dreams. However, the application process is not that easy – you ought to show your willingness to pursue one of their courses. And this willingness ought to be expressed in writing, expounding on your traits as well as educational expertise. Many students are not used to writing about themselves.

The opening is perhaps the most challenging. However, don't stress yourself trying to create a killer opening, but concentrate more on the content you will include instead. This and many other considerations matter a lot when composing one for your university application. Ascertain that you draw in the audience with factual and engaging content and not a gimmick. Remember that your account is the gateway to your university admission, and you ought to compose it using the right diction and appropriate data.

Integral Considerations When Writing

A personal essay is your opportunity to impress the university admission panel, and many students find themselves overthinking. Instead, why not be succinct and use creative language to draw the reader's interest? A flashy beginning will probably sound like a gimmick to any reader, and it is better to emphasize perception or ideas. So, what is the ideal strategy?

  • Do not dwell too much in creating a catchy opening as it is mostly a turn off to the reader. This doesn't mean that yours shouldn't be interesting, but make a good balance between your anecdote's catchy nature and consciences.
  • Begin with your interest and why you think it is the best fit. The admission panel is looking to gauge your claim, and what better way to show this than expressing your interest in the beginning section?
  • Please don't waste time with jargon; go straight in. It will save the reader time and show that you are serious about your application.
  • In your first sentence or line, ascertain that you engage your audience with something compelling and specific. Of course, beginning with something that inspires you and how it has impacted your life to put you in the current path is one of the most impactful.

Sometimes, creating a compelling beginning can be extremely troubling. What if you started in the middle and did the introduction after getting a good idea? You can begin with the second paragraph and provide as much information as possible before reverting to the beginning section. Don't forget to avoid cliché statements that make your statement sound generic. Some words shouldn't appear in your statement.

Research is the Most Integral Component

Although you will be writing about yourself and will not require a lot of research, the element remains. You ought to prove that you understand and know the program or field that you are entering. Utilize this information to your advantage, showing the admission panel you are highly informed in the course. If everything fits well, you will have a great personal statement that impresses the admission panel.