10 Indicators That Your Writing Skills Need Improvement

10 Indicators That Your Writing Skills Need Improvement

Writing is a skill that can be learned and perfected over time. No one is a born writer. In life, it is impossible to escape the snappy fangs of writing. Sooner or later, one just simply has to write something like an essay, an article or an application. Throughout school life writing is a must. Even when an individual enters his/her professional life, writing tiring reports and never ending documents is inevitable. So, if your writing skills lack finesse, then it is time to improve them by investing some time and money in them. Listed below are 10 indicators that your writing skills are not up to the mark and need improvement:

Fear of Reading: An inherent fear of reading books and novels can ultimately lead to disastrous essay writing skills. If you are reluctant to read books, then this might be an indicator that you have poor writing skills.

Rejected Applications: Have your applications been rejected regularly? If yes, then it is time to review your writing skills.

Unimpressive Resume: Poor writing leads to an unimpressive resume. If you are still unemployed and have not heard back from the last job that you applied for, then this might suggest that you need to brush up on your writing skills.

Weak Grammar: Good grammar is the backbone of impressive writing. If you think that your grammar is weak, then you must try to improve it in order to improve the quality of your writing.

Report Writing: Do you shy away from report writing? If yes, then there might be a serious problem with your writing skills.

Lack Creativity: A good writer creates his own world. But to be good at writing, creativity is an essential ingredient. If you are not creative enough in your life then this might indicate that you are not good at writing either.

Disorganized Lifestyle: A disorganized lifestyle depicts a disorganized person. And a disorganized person can never be a good writer since decent writing requires a high level of organization.

Afraid of Commitment: Each time you write something, you are committing a piece of your mind to a paper. If one is generally afraid of commitments, then that person might not have good writing skills.

Unable to Express: Are you unable to express your thoughts in public gatherings? If yes, then that might suggest that you have abysmal writing skills.

Under Confident: Confidence is the key to success. Under confident individuals rarely have good writing skills.